10 Expensive Things Owned By Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan

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4. Day Of The Week Car Collection

One car for the week was just not enough for the Sheikh and he decided to colour code one of the same cars for each day of the week.

This gave him his nickname as the Rainbow Sheikh and his fleet of colour coded Mercedes cars are today housed in his Pyramid Museum Garage.

3. Replica of The World Motor-home

Were getting into the utterly ridiculous now, you may have seen this incredible vehicle featured on several documentary’s and Top Gear.

This globe type vehicle is actually a kind of hotel featuring 9 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms on multiple levels and can be ridden around the desert in style.

2. Mini Collection

Its thought that the sheikh has one of the largest Mini collections in the world, with the majority of his collection held in his Pyramid garage.

Some of his minis are multi coloured and its thought he has one model for ever year the company has been building the cars.

Ibrah One’s Expensive Lifestyle; He Travels To Different Countries Every Week, Rides In The Most Expensive Cars & Owns Several Mansions

In total the Sheikh is thought to own over 400 different types of cars and these are only the ones on public display and it appears he does not care much for large planes or massive houses, however we do have one more asset for you.


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